Sheila’s June Tip ‘O the Month To Ya!

Adopt a June Bride Month!!

It’s easy, just go through the wedding announcements in your local paper, and pick your favorite bride! Then on the day of her “big day,” surprise her by showing up and volunteering your services! Just show up to the chapel and shout “Help is here!” and mean it. Then take charge! (Beware of those bridezillas out there that think surprise help is “inappropriate”… “unbelievable”. ) Last year I hired a clown named “Boobles” to surprise the Bride and Groom at the reception. She was very friendly, but there was something about the way she kept trying to dance on the father of the Bride’s lap that was kind of uncomfortable. Plus, I’ve never known a clown to expect tips so often…


One Response to “Sheila’s June Tip ‘O the Month To Ya!”

  1. Bruce Says:

    You got mentioned on the critically acclaimed blog of the week:

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