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Sheila’s Tip O’ The Month To Ya!

January 8, 2010

Dear Delores

January 6, 2010

Dear Delores,

Another year behind me, I was sad to see her go. I’m not good with goodbyes, never have been. I cried a river and told 2009, “better luck next year!” and cried some more.
Here are my New Year resolutions! Small list, but I like to set high goals, and slam dunk em.
I didn’t go for a gym membership this year. Last year I tried, but I fell in love with my personal trainer and he had to get a (small) restraining order when I started showing up at his house to jog at 4AM and read him poetry.

Sheila’s New Years Resolutions-
4 fewer bags of Skittles (per week)
Write the Indigo Girls a letter – everyday
Build a fort
Have joke published by Laffy Taffy
Petition Congress to admit women can make lakes too! Victory will be ours!